BIRDS AND TREES OF PENNSYLVANIA features the Pileated Woodpecker, a frequent visitor to the woods surrounding my home. The bird image is composed of the names of over 275 birds and the tree features 62 trees, all native to Pennsylvania.

BIRDS AND TREES OF PENNSYLVANIA won the 3rd place award for works on paper at the John James Audubon Center's Drawn from Nature exhibition.

MOTHS OF PENNSYLVANIA depicts the Luna Moth, which is composed of 1,986 moth species found in the state. 

WILDFLOWERS OF PENNSYLVANIA featuring my father's favorite wildflower, the Pink Lady Slipper, is composed of over 500 wildflower names. This is a limited edition (28) 8 x 10 print.

HUMMINGBIRD AND COLUMBINE features the ruby-throated hummingbird and is comprised of the 340 hummingbird species found around the world. The hummingbird is visiting a favorite flower, the red columbine, which contains the names of 75 different wild columbine species.

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