Edgar Alan Poe Series

KINGDOM BY THE SEA depicts the tomb of "Annabel Lee," using the poem by Poe. Three additional Poe poems form the sky ("Evening Star"), the sea ("The City in the Sea"), and the waves/beach ("The Sleeper").

TINTINNABULATION is composed of Poe's poem, "The Bells." St. Philip Neri's bell tower provides the design. This church in the Bronx is only a short distance from where Poe once lived.

WITCH IN DISGUISE is composed of text from Edgar Allan Poe's macabre short story The Black Cat. I chose to depict Pluto before he had his eye gouged out!

This print features text from Edgar Allan Poe's The GOLDBUG, a story of the discovery of a mysterious golden beetle with a skull image on its back which bites Legrand, launching him into a quest to find pirate Captain Kidd's hidden treasure by solving cryptograms and riddles! 

This print is composed of the entire text of Poe's THE RAVEN, written in a font simulating Poe's handwriting. The raven sits atop the "pallid bust of Pallus," as described in the poem. 

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